SHEBA Youth Empowerment Program 

The SHEBA Youth Empowerment Program is a program designed for high school students with a strong interest in technology & entrepreneurship in the near future. The program aims to nurture and develop each future entrepreneur’s sense of self, solidify aspirations for their future, and instill a sound foundation for themselves and their journey. After completion of the program session, the SHEBA Youth Empowerment Program aims to produce a group of young adults who are prepared and eager to present themselves confidently as their true selves in connection to their businesses and futures as successful entrepreneurs. We are eager to create an incubated of cohort of driven and passionate individuals. 

  • Program for high school students interested in tech & entrepreneurship
  • Aims to nurture self, aspirations & foundation for the future
  • The goal is confident, prepared young adults & entrepreneurs post-program
  • Creating a cohort of driven, passionate future entrepreneurs

Ready to Grow Your Business?

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