SHEBA in Action

Back to School/Winter Wonderland Drive

Sheba hosts two annual events for 150-300 youth in need in the Upper Albany area: the Back-to-School Drive in summer and Winter Wonderland in winter. Both fun-filled days provide activities, food, music, and essential supplies. The Back-to-School Drive offers school supplies, while the indoor, holiday-decorated Winter Wonderland provides mid-year supplies like jackets, hats, gloves, and health products to aid students returning after winter break. The events create a festive atmosphere while ensuring academic necessities.

Girls for Technology (GFT)/Society of Human Engagement and Business Alignment (SHEBA)

GFT and SHEBA have partnered on a five-year program offering comprehensive support services to 20 small businesses annually, prioritizing minority, women, disabled, veteran-owned, and businesses in distressed areas. Services include training, business acceleration, advisement, consultation, planning, technical support for up to six months.


Sheba Accelerator cohort is a virtual program with a group of individuals who join weekly sessions and learn about key entrepreneurial business tips and tricks. The cohort is an 8 – 10 week program of fully engaged individuals seeking information they had no knowledge of before.

Pitch Competition

Sheba’s pitch competition is a professional event held after the 8–10 week cohort program ends. This is a celebration of program completion and a competition. Participants pitch their business to a live audience for a special prize. The accelerator program is an 8–10-week program.

HR Services

Sheba’s HR Services are designed to empower organizations with comprehensive support across various human resources functions. With a focus on aligning HR practices with organizational goals, we strive to enhance employee engagement and drive business success.

Want To Volunteer?

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Free community service hours
  • Engage with the community!
  • School supplies are offered to you