SHEBA in Action

Back to School

Sheba has annual back-to-school events that happen for the youth in the Upper Albany area. At these events, we have hopes of supporting around 150-300 kids in need. During our back-to-school drives, we have a fun-filled day that includes activities, food, music, and much more.

Winter Wonderland

Sheba Winter Wonderland is a spin-off event from the Back-to-School Drive. This event is held inside and is decorated for the Holiday season. Students are offered midyear school supplies, jackets, hats, gloves, period products, health products, etc. to aid them with the necessities they will need upon their return to school from winter and holiday breaks. We have festive activities that everyone will enjoy.


Sheba Accelerator cohort is a virtual program with a group of individuals who join weekly sessions and learn about key entrepreneurial business tips and tricks. The cohort is an 8 – 10 week program of fully engaged individuals seeking information they had no knowledge of before.

Pitch Competition

Sheba’s pitch competition is a professional event held after the 8–10 week cohort program ends. This is a celebration of program completion and a competition. Participants pitch their business to a live audience for a special prize. The accelerator program is an 8–10-week program.

HR Services

Sheba’s HR Services are designed to empower organizations with comprehensive support across various human resources functions. With a focus on aligning HR practices with organizational goals, we strive to enhance employee engagement and drive business success.

Job Seeker/ Employer

At Sheba, we help job seekers get their dream job and help employers find job seekers to fill in openings in the organization/ company. Sheba also provides support and guidance to ensure you succeed at your job. Your job placement will be personalized based on your strengths, likes, skills, and more. A plus is that everyone is welcome, we want everyone we encounter to have employment lined up. You never know Sheba can be your next step to something greater.

Ready to Grow Your Business?

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